Who we are

5Senses | Healthy Street Food

The passion we have for natural nutrition has inspired us to create a different food spot with delicious snacks and drinks, prepared instore with pure, local and organic ingredients.

An appealing food destination for vegetarians, vegan and friends of healthy lifestyle, 5 Senses Fresh offers a street experience of the natural dietary way, in Santorin.

Try our recommended smoothies for a balanced meal or create your own by choosing between a number of flavors, textures and nutrition of your preference
– don’t worry our experienced team will help you through the process and find your new favorite!

Fresh fruit, Greek superfoods and smooth Greek yogurt are only some of our favorite materials to work with, in a gastronomic exploration of the Mediterranean cuisine and diet. We prepare tasteful suggestions to enjoy any time of the day, from salads and sandwiches to frozen yogurt, giving the outmost importance to the quality and source of our products.

“We create Healthy habits”